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The double life of Darryl Holliday: Chicago Reader

Check out a story about Illustrated Press co-founder Darryl Holliday out today from Mike Miner of the Chicago Reader (click on the quote or photo for the full story): The double life of… Continue reading

IP Scores Alternative Newsmedia 1st Place “Innovation/Format Buster” Award

Our recent comics journalism story “How to Survive a Shooting” has won 1st place for a 2014 Association of Alternative Newsmedia award. The nomination is for “Innovation/Format Buster” in the Outside-the-Box category. Much thanks… Continue reading

The Harold library exhibit is live! (plus some)

We haven’t posted an official update in a while, but we’ve been busy as ever. So — a few updates: Most importantly! We have two Illustrated Press stories on exhibit at the Harold… Continue reading

Curious City Comics

Ever wonder how Erik gets started on our stories? In the run-up to our first project with WBEZ (Chicago Public Media/NPR), here’s a short run-through of the early illustration process from on-site reporting, to… Continue reading

First Pages

We’re only a few weeks away from publication! The book is starting to take shape, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing everything come together after a year of writing and illustrating. The… Continue reading

Posters are in!

30 super glossy posters just arrived in the mail! So, now you can put us on your walls. After Kickstarter rewards and promotional posters for the book release (August), we should have around… Continue reading

The draft layout:

IT HAS BEGUN. A couple pieces of unrelated news: 1. the book LAUNCH is coming! (in August). 2. We’re now on Facebook (You may have noticed the new widget on the right side… Continue reading

#AAN2012: Detroit

If you missed it, here’s our panel presentation from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia Convention: Comics Journalism: Getting the Story, One Panel at a Time on Prezi Thanks to Hanaa Rifaey for moderating,… Continue reading

Day 3: Beat the Machines

We tend to post sketches and rough illustrations of stories as we storyboard/draw them, but the writing side of it goes through a rough draft/editing process also. Here are a couple scans of… Continue reading


Comjourn.com is dead! Long live IllusPress.com! Also, our Kickstarter campaign is on. But only for the month of April…then it’ll be too late for you to help fund our book… Kickstarter for President!