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Announcing “Kedzie Avenue,” a Kickstarter and our new publisher

We’re very happy to announce our upcoming book and our new publisher! “Kedzie Avenue” takes a full-length look at everyday life on a single street in Chicago. Drawing on a year’s worth of… Continue reading

The Harold library exhibit is live! (plus some)

We haven’t posted an official update in a while, but we’ve been busy as ever. So — a few updates: Most importantly! We have two Illustrated Press stories on exhibit at the Harold… Continue reading

The draft layout:

IT HAS BEGUN. A couple pieces of unrelated news: 1. the book LAUNCH is coming! (in August). 2. We’re now on Facebook (You may have noticed the new widget on the right side… Continue reading


Comjourn.com is dead! Long live IllusPress.com! Also, our Kickstarter campaign is on. But only for the month of April…then it’ll be too late for you to help fund our book… Kickstarter for President!