Preview #2: sketchbook ink for Chess Records

We took a short break to make sure our lives didn’t fall apart, but we’re back! The tentatively titled “Chess Records” comic will be out shortly, followed by a few sketches, musings, notes,… Continue reading

Preview #1: sketchbook ink for Chess Records

We’re trying something a bit different forour next story. In the name of science!  But mostly because we like to mix it up. The upcoming issue will involve a13-year-old chess table and a… Continue reading

State & Chambers

Story by Darryl Holliday // Illustration by Erik Nelson Rodriguez. If you’ve walked down State Street in the Loop anytime during the last four decades, you’ve likely seen 70-year-old Mr. Chambers with his microphone. He’s usually by the… Continue reading

Visiting: Pilsen Coal

We took a tour through the Fisk coal plant in Pilsen in October –This is essentially what happens. Update: it seems has taken a liking to us.

"Guadalupe de Maya"

Wedlock: Love and Marriage at the Cook County Jail

Story by Darryl Holliday // Illustrated by Erik Nelson Rodriguez. We consider it a sort of genre-bending — journalistic reporting with comic books. Graphic journalism. Our first story follows one Chicago woman through her marriage at the Cook… Continue reading