“Convicted in Cook” Launches Today With IllusPress Art

We’re very happy to have been part of Convicted in Cook, a new collaborative project featuring five years worth of data on convictions in Chicago. Illustrated Press artist Jamie Hibdon illustrated art for… Continue reading

Kedzie Avenue: “Sketches, Pencils and Ink”

Our upcoming book takes a full-length look at everyday life on a single street in Chicago and Illustrated Press artist Jamie Hibdon has been working on conveying that wide range of people and places into illustrations. Get… Continue reading

Announcing “Kedzie Avenue,” a Kickstarter and our new publisher

We’re very happy to announce our upcoming book and our new publisher! “Kedzie Avenue” takes a full-length look at everyday life on a single street in Chicago. Drawing on a year’s worth of… Continue reading

New Story: “Compartment 13” Launches on CityLab, Symbolia

Homeless folks in Chicago face many of the same challenges as low- to no- income people around the world. But city officials took those troubles one step further by constructing steepled anti-homeless barricades… Continue reading

We’re hiring an intern!

The Illustrated Press is looking to hire a young illustrator and we need your help! We’ll be partnering with the Illinois Humanities Council and the Community Media Workshop for an upcoming project and… Continue reading

“Longstreet” Featured in Linework

Our short comic “Longstreet” is featured this week in New City, Chicago’s only locally owned and operated cultural weekly. The comic was edited by Ivan Brunetti for the weekly Linework column. Yes. Ivan Brunetti.

Illustrated Press Featured in the Columbia Journalism Review

How comics journalism brings stories to life Chicago’s Illustrated Press is at the forefront of a burgeoning movement The Stingley story is just one example of a striking body of comics journalism that… Continue reading

New Story: South Shore State of Mind

We have a new #comicsjournalism story out on Medium.com today. Much thanks to The Nib for supporting new and innovative work in media. Our story follows Aaron Grifin through his South Side neighborhood… Continue reading

IP Scores Alternative Newsmedia 1st Place “Innovation/Format Buster” Award

Our recent comics journalism story “How to Survive a Shooting” has won 1st place for a 2014 Association of Alternative Newsmedia award. The nomination is for “Innovation/Format Buster” in the Outside-the-Box category. Much thanks… Continue reading

“Two and a Quarter” Launches Today

Grab that RedEye on your way to work, Chicago, our new series “Two and a Quarter” will be covering Chicago Transit Authority stories and shenanigans every other week starting May 13! We know you have a… Continue reading

Life After the Second Set

We want to take a second to introduce our newest illustrator, Jamie Hibdon, but also to spread the word on our newest #comicsjournalism story out on Medium‘s The Nib today. Jamie and Darryl tell the story of Miles… Continue reading

The Newest Member of Our Collective: Jamie Hibdon

Jamie Hibdon is a cartoonist and wandering brush-for-hire. When not working with the Illustrated Press, his work can be found in his ongoing anthology, Lingua Franca Comics. He lives in Chicago.

The Illustrated Press at Studs Terkel Fest

Let’s Get Working is a three-day festival celebrating the legacy of Studs Terkel, revisiting his work and tracing his influence through oral histories, film screenings, performances, art installations, storytelling, and community dialogues. In addition… Continue reading

Open Key Submissions

Artists, Doodlers, People with crayons: Just a reminder, The Open Key tumblr is open for submissions. Send a message over to TheOpenKey@gmail.com to get on board. We’ll have an announcement or two coming up… Continue reading

Notes on “How to Survive a Shooting”

Nortasha has been on a tightrope since her daughter was murdered in June. Some days we can’t speak, she says, because she’s had a bad night that carried into the next day. She… Continue reading


Have no fear, friends! We’ve got more stories, a second book and more events all coming your way. More details soon

On Air at WGN

Thanks to David Plier for inviting us to the studio for an interview on WGN radio.      

A #SaturdayStrip Short by the Illustrated Press

Written, Reported and Designed (mostly) in 7 hours at Museum of Contemporary Art’s Saturday Strip. CLICK here for the slideshow. Erik, Darryl and Kyla

Slideshow: #SaturdayStrip at the Museum of Contemporary Art

We’ll be posting our live comics journalism piece from the Museum of Contemporary Art’s #SaturdayStrip event in the next couple days, but, in the meantime, here’s a slideshow from our friend Jonathan Gibby.… Continue reading

Saturday Strip at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Alright…this is a big deal. Stop by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago July 27 for a full day of comics with Daniel Clowes, Paul Hornschemeier, a bunch of amazing Chicago artists AND US. We’ll… Continue reading