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The end of all things Kickstarter

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved this all worked out. In the last 28 days we’ve exceeded our original goal by 8 percent, which works out to a total of $3,788.… Continue reading

Day 10: Boots of Blinding Speed

It’s almost over, for now. While the Kickstarter is winding down, were getting to work on printing posters, postcards and stickers for book promotions, backer rewards and our installation show at the Weisman… Continue reading

Day 9: Less Than 48 Hours

I’m a little late on the update today. Long story short, we’re going nonstop. Likewise, the end of our Kickstarter will wait for no one. Less than 48 hours and it’ll be over.… Continue reading

Day 8: The 86 Percent

  Less than 3 days to go and we’ve just broken the $3,000 mark! That means we officially have less than $500 to make until we’ve made our goal. Which means that we’re… Continue reading

Day 7: The Illustrated Press: Detroit

Erik and I will be speaking on our first comics journalism panel this summer. Thanks to the Association of Alternative Newsmedia for inviting us. We’re bringing our bikes out, so that means a weekend… Continue reading

Day 6: Birthday Text

The uptick has begun! In a classic Kickstarter sort of way, this final stretch toward our goal has more contributors coming in than at any other point during the campaign. Which is awesome!… Continue reading

Day 5: The Radio

We did a radio interview with the infamous Nes Morton for WCRX-Columbia College Chicago last month: We’re also currently at around 60 percent on our Kickstarter (which is an average of about $233… Continue reading

Day 4: Swaggernauts

Now that we’ve learned more of what the Kickstarter contribution pattern has been like over the last three weeks, we can start giving more things away. For example, anyone who contributes $20+ in… Continue reading

Day 3: Beat the Machines

We tend to post sketches and rough illustrations of stories as we storyboard/draw them, but the writing side of it goes through a rough draft/editing process also. Here are a couple scans of… Continue reading

Day 2: The final production

We finished a story today! It’s been in the works for a few months now, but we’ve made final changes to “Night Watch.” The story follows Catholic Sisters Pat Murphy and JoAnn Persch… Continue reading

Day 1: …10 days to go

This is the first of a 10-day blogathon for the final stretch of our Kickstarter campaign. Erik and I will be posting one update a day on our progress (including original artwork and… Continue reading

Peek into Englewood

This is an 8-page storyboard we worked out last night for an upcoming story about my great uncle and the Chicago neighborhood he’s lived in for the last four decades (click on the… Continue reading

Preview #4: Night Watch

Interview with the Columbia Journalism Review

We had the pleasure of talking with Alysia Santo, of the CJR’s Kickstarter Chronicles, about our project, its Kickstarter and future plans for comics journalism. You can check it out here, in “The… Continue reading

Kickstarting is dead! Long live! Also, our Kickstarter campaign is on. But only for the month of April…then it’ll be too late for you to help fund our book… Kickstarter for President!

Interview with the Picayune

Check out this interview we did for the Cartoon Picayune, with writer/illustrator/editor Josh Kramer! The Picayune is an amazing bi-monthly anthology of comics journalism based out of Washington (D.C.). So, keep an eye… Continue reading

Where We’ve Been

Here’s a map of places that have been featured in our stories since July 2011. We want to cover as much of the city as we possibly can—So, we’ll be updating it as… Continue reading

New Twitter, New Stories and a New Name

We decided it’s about time we switched Comjourn over to “The Illustrated Press” in preparation for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign (which will go live toward the beginning of Arpil) and eventually the comic… Continue reading

Thanks, Mr. Weisman Award!

  While we’ve been posting stories here and through other outlets over the last few months, the original idea for these comjourn stories was to document the city (of Chicago) through a combination… Continue reading

Preview #3

Panel 1, page 1 of our next story.