Illustrated Press is a multimedia production collective specializing in illustrated journalism and other storytelling endeavors. The Chicago-based group of professional journalists and illustrators fuses narrative non-fiction with shoe-leather reportage, all set to finely tuned sequential art.

Our Team:

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Darryl Holliday is a reporter, nonfiction writer and photographer with an interest new media, science (fiction) and urban American history. He’ll give you a motivational speech without being asked — he’s an independent journalist and educator in Chicago.

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E. N. Rodriguez is an artist and graphic designer for the Chicago Tribune and has directed the art in various city publications, including Columbia College’s R_Wurd, a youth journalism magazine. Erik has been drawing, literally, longer than he can remember.

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Jamie Hibdon is a cartoonist and wandering brush-for-hire. When not working with the Illustrated Press, his work can be found in his ongoing anthology, Lingua Franca Comics. He lives in Chicago.

*Illustrated Press Chicago, a comics journalism collective, is not associated with The Illustrated Press, LLC book publishers in St. Louis.