Liestman Elementary X Illustrated Press

A few weeks ago, IP visited Liestman Elementary in Houston, TX to talk comics and run a small workshop. After speaking with the entire fourth grade, students were invited to collect in the library to work on their own stories, with IP present to assist.

The overall goal for the few days we had with all the kids was to produce a single page, but everyone was encouraged to tell stories of any length. It was a great creative environment, and it’s always humbling to see young mischief makers mixing it up.

We’re so proud of the work, we’ve decided to share all the comics our little Texans wanted to share, so enjoy! Included with some of their comics are the story notes, which are lists of characters/settings and a synopsis.

A big thanks to our individual donors and the Donor Choose organization for making workshops like these happen, and giving us a chance to spread the joy of comics.