Introducing the Kedzie Avenue Scrapbook

Kedzie Avenue, like most of the things we do here at IP, began with a collaboration—between us and our more than 400 Kickstarter backers, as well as other funders. To pay homage to that initial collaboration, we decided to show our friends and followers how the partnership is ongoing. In other words, find below weekly updates on what our team is planning, scheming, writing, and sketching—a digital scrapbook, of sorts: documentation of our own project in documenting one of Chicago’s vital thoroughfares.

Check out the Kedzie Avenue Scrapbook every Wednesday for process sketches, pencils, inks, color tests, location notes, script excerpts, and other pieces from the making of Kedzie Avenue as the book comes together. Use the hashtag #KedzieAve todrop us a line with any suggestions, comments, criticisms, or, as is always welcome, compliments.

Kedzie Avenue is set to hit shelves in 2016 via Chicago independent publisher Curbside Splendor. For more info on the book sign up for our quarterly newsletter, shoot us an email at or check out our December 2014 Kickstarter for the project.

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Enjoy! #KedzieAve