“Convicted in Cook” Launches Today With IllusPress Art

We’re very happy to have been part of Convicted in Cook, a new collaborative project featuring five years worth of data on convictions in Chicago. Illustrated Press artist Jamie Hibdon illustrated art for the online project. Check it out! There’s a lot to go through but shedding a light on criminal convictions in the country’s largest jail and unified court system requires a bit of work.

Click any of the images below to explore the Convicted in Cook data or read on for more info on the project:

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.16.19 PM

Here’s a bit about the project from Smart Chicago Collaborative:

Today we’re launching Convicted in Cook, a joint project of Smart Chicago, the Chicago Justice Project, and FreeGeek Chicago’s Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew (SC3).

Convicted in Cook is an analysis of five years worth of conviction data received through the Office of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County by Tracy Siska of the Chicago Justice Project. The goal is to shed a light on criminal convictions in Cook County.

The project is part of the Smart Chicago Collaborative’s Civic Works Project, a program funded by the Knight Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust to spur and support civic innovation in Chicago.

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The site offers the first of its kind deep dive into five years of conviction data from the Circuit Court of Cook County.

The data used for this site took CJP over two years of of hard work to open.

Remember that Cook County is not only the home to the largest unified court system in the country, but also the largest prosecutors office in the country, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, and the largest jail, the Cook County Jail.

This site offers the first detailed look at how the vast majority of cases that come through the Cook County Courts are for nonviolent misdemeanors or drugs despite the media’s obsession with street violence.

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