Kedzie Avenue: “Sketches, Pencils and Ink”

Our upcoming book takes a full-length look at everyday life on a single street in Chicago and Illustrated Press artist Jamie Hibdon has been working on conveying that wide range of people and places into illustrations. Get an inside look at process art for Kedzie Avenue in the photos below, from conceptual sketches to pencils and ink. We want this book to capture a lot of amazing stories, and at the same time, present a deep sense of the place we live, but we need your help to fund a winter’s worth of art and reporting. Our Kickstarter hit $1,000 in the first week and we have until Dec. 23 to reach our goal. Check out the original rewards we have on deck for backers of the #KedzieAve project, including pre-orders for the book, original art, a guided trip down Kedzie Avenue and a slew of other exclusive deals on our Kickstarter page. And today we’re adding a level of contribution: a 5-book package of emerging Chicago authors from Curbside Splendor including:

  • “Where To? A Hack Memoir” by Dmitry Smarov
  • “Let Go and Go On and On” by Tim Kinsella
  • “Zero Fade” by Chris L. Terry
  • “The Desert Places” by Amber Sparks & Robert Kloss
  • “Losing in Gainesville” by Brian Costello.