Illustrated Press Featured in the Columbia Journalism Review

How comics journalism brings stories to life

Chicago’s Illustrated Press is at the forefront of a burgeoning movement

The Stingley story is just one example of a striking body of comics journalism that Holliday and Rodriguez have been producing for the Illustrated Press, which they founded in 2011. At times evoking the tradition of big-city metro columnists—or even the spirit of one of this city’s literary lions, Studs Terkel—their work offers heartfelt, often newsy, snapshots of life in Chicago, from a jail inmate’s wedding at the Cook County Courthouse to one South Side community’s drastic demographic change through the eyes of a longtime resident.

Many of these tales were compiled into their first book, and they are working on their second, due out late next year. The traction that their work has gained, in Chicago and elsewhere, reflects a growing appreciation for the genre by other journalists and news organizations around the country.

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