New Story: South Shore State of Mind

We have a new #comicsjournalism story out on today. Much thanks to The Nib for supporting new and innovative work in media.

Our story follows Aaron Grifin through his South Side neighborhood — South Shore, an area that’s seen dramatic shifts and twists in population in the last three decades. Aaron’s history with the neighborhood stretches nearly as long.

“I don’t feel like Chicago is more segregated than any other city. I just think the South Side is more segregated than any other city,” he said, standing on the court where he played basketball as a kid.

Click here and take a trip with us to South Shore and find out why.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.08.26 AM

This is the kind of comic that makes me want to make more comics. — “South Shore State of Mind” by @the_illus_press

— Claire Webster (@clairikine) September 16, 2014

Excellent piece from @the_illus_press on @thenib today on #race, #segregation and neighborhoods in #Chicago

— Eleri Harris (@elerimai) September 16, 2014

Another gorgeously illustrated, well-told story about segregation in Chicago, from @the_illus_press: via @Medium

— Bettina Chang (@bechang8) September 16, 2014