Life After the Second Set

We want to take a second to introduce our newest illustrator, Jamie Hibdon, but also to spread the word on our newest #comicsjournalism story out on Medium‘s The Nib today.

Jamie and Darryl tell the story of Miles Turner’s recovery from a shooting nearly two years ago, after he took several bullets to his lower back while trying to protect his younger cousin. Miles, 18, survived but his cousin was killed in the attack. Now Miles’ silent love-hate relationship with his wheelchair is an ongoing battle until he can walk again.

“It’s something to help me until I get back to my full self. Come this May it’ll be one year since I came home — May 3rd. I remember cause it was the day of prom.”


Click the image below for the full comic.
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.23.13 AM


Reporting by Darryl Holliday, art by Jamie Hibdon.

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