Notes on “How to Survive a Shooting”

Nortasha has been on a tightrope since her daughter was murdered in June. Some days we can’t speak, she says, because she’s had a bad night that carried into the next day. She dreams of Marissa, whose murder remains unsolved.

I met Nortasha and her family during a story for DNAinfo Chicago on July 2. Four other people with her daughter survived gun wounds the night a car pulled up to Marissa and her friends before opening fire on June 25.

Our comic and cover art for the Chicago Reader came out of Nortasha’s continued struggle — in her own words — during the five months after my story for DNAinfo Chicago. Like every family touched by gun violence, the story continued after the headlines.

The following are some of the images, photos and early sketches used in the making of the story, which hits the streets in the Reader Thursday and can be found online here.

Rough sketch, walk around the block.

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