interview w/ the printers row journal (plus some)

Darryl and Erik are featured in the latest issue of the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Journal.

“Sipping coffee at New Wave Coffee in Logan Square, Holliday, 27, explained comics journalism as a combination of sequential art and nonfiction storytelling. To Holliday, a journalistic comic must have a sense of motion.

“It has to have a flow that makes it seem (lifelike),” he said. “If we were to write a story sitting here, I am thinking about the gestures you’re making and those cars going by and the dog that was walking by at the same time you were talking. I want the earth to seem like it’s rotating as the story is going on, which is something that I feel you can’t always get in print.”

Holliday points out that illustrating journalistic pieces is hardly new — newspapers use photographs, editorial cartoons, digital photo slide shows, graphics and videos to supplement writers’ words — but he asserts that comics journalism provides a more seamless connection between word and art.”

Thanks to Courtney Crowder for the nice write-up and New Wave, #LoganSquare, for the sippable coffee.


In other news:

CAKE is coming. And we’ll be there with THE OPEN KEY looking for on-the-spot submissions based on our list of Chicago police scanner quotes.

Doodlers, you’ve been warned.


We’re working with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to become part of a day-long independent comics event. A bunch of big names will be in attendance (Daniel Clowes, anyone?) alongside lots of awesome independent Chicago comics makers.

We’ll be making a live comic in the museum based on our coverage of the event. Want to be in a comic? Stop by as we attempt to produce a full comic in 7 hours or less!

More info coming soon.


Lastly, our exhibit is still up on display on the first floor of the Harold Washington Library. The next gallery discussion will be on June 26.