New on NPR (WBEZ)

There’s a lot going on here.

For starters, we have a new interactive comic with the awesome crew at WBEZ‘s Curious City. It’s all about new neighborhood names, how neighborhoods form and who decides which ones stick around. Chicagoans are particularly descriptive when it comes to their ‘hoods, so we traveled around the city to find out what makes those ‘hoods special to begin with.

The comic, “Kathy Has a Question…” can be found here (check the web text, for more info)

Secondly, our full audio feature aired on WBEZ shortly after the comic went live. The story takes a deeper look into the “who” of who’s naming our neighborhoods.

And, like we mentioned earlier, it’s not who you think…

In the process of laying down Darryl’s voice/script for the audio feature.


And finally, Darryl was interviewed on WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift about the comic, comic journalism and all of this new-fangled technology (Thinglink, more specifically).

In this episode:

Veteran journalist Rick Kogan calls Darryl “something of a young genius” after describing Erik’s art as “un-blanking-believable.”


In the studio with Curious Citizen Kathy Herwig, Shawn Allee and Rick Kogan.