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“…Everything starts somewhere, and the stories pasted on that wall ranged from promising to remarkable.”

—Chicago Tribune


“Holliday and Rodriguez quickly make a come-up in the most exciting field in comics. Words plus pictures plus facts. I’ll take this over what is commonly referred to as the news any day.

Compelling stories, tight reporting, and beautiful illustration – Every city needs one of these.”

—Matt Bors / The Cartoon Movement


“The Illustrated Press is visual journalism done right. Holliday and Rodriguez have crafted a nuanced, immersive love letter to Chicago’s myriad neighborhoods and residents. From Michigan Avenue to the South Side, these comics get to the heart of the Windy City, and we’re all better off for it.”

—Erin Polgreen / Founder, Symbolia Magazine


“If you’re interested in the intersection of comics and journalism, two guys you’re going to want to learn about immediately are Darryl Holliday and Erik Rodriguez.”

—Josh Kramer / The Cartoon Picayune


“Both readers and editors alike are interested in their work.”

—Columbia Journalism Review