The end of all things Kickstarter

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved this all worked out. In the last 28 days we’ve exceeded our original goal by 8 percent, which works out to a total of $3,788.

Erik has spent nearly the entirety of these last two weeks at his desk, hammering out the last panels of our latest stories (one of which will be featured in Echo Magazine this summer—more info on the other later). During that same time, I had my eyes glued to the Kickstarter fever chart and our communication/social media outlets.

The best part about this month is that we both did exactly what we set out to do, despite almost getting thrown off the rollercoaster a few times. Two new stories down and the funding to print our book: double check.

We’ve also made a bunch of new friends (many of whom we couldn’t have done without) and raised quite a bit of public interest in our project. Case in point, we’ve had more than 1,000 visits to this site in the 30 days since it launched.

Also, here’s a short list of places we’ve been featured in the last month:



The Columbia Journalism Review

The Cartoon Picayune

WCRX-Columbia College Chicago


Reviews/The Grapevine:


The Chicago Reader


The Future:

AAN annual convention in June (We’ll be speaking on a panel)


That list doesn’t include all of our friends and family who’ve vouched for us on their Facebook, Twitter, at their jobs, in their classes, so on … I’ve been keeping a close watch on the metrics for all of our online pages, and it’s clear that all of that support is what made this possible.

So, now we’re back to reporting and drawing full time (with the exception of printing, writing 88 personalized haikus and sending out rewards to our backers).  We’ll be sending out final mailing info to all backers in the next couple days (Bonus: we’ve got a surprise for everyone in addition to what we promised on the Kickstarter rewards page).

Thanks again to everyone. This is only the beginning, so check back with us soon.

Darryl and Erik