Day 10: Boots of Blinding Speed

It’s almost over, for now.

While the Kickstarter is winding down, were getting to work on printing posters, postcards and stickers for book promotions, backer rewards and our installation show at the Weisman Award Exhibition later this month. We’re also finalizing a story that’ll be featured in Echo Magazine this summer.

Busy busy.

As of 5p today, we have less than $73 left to go to meet our goal of $3,500. It’s been a nerve-wracking month, but all of the support has gotten us this far. If we’re lucky, we’ll pass our goal by a bit and can put extra funds into more copies of the book + even better rewards for contributors.

That being said, there are less than 34 hours left to contribute.

Meanwhile, I’ve started writing the 75+ personal haikus that we’ll be sending out as part of our backer rewards (along with the the other gifts). So, to everyone who’s asked about theirs: it will be 17 syllables of staggering depth and beauty…and it will be about you.

Here’s another preview from our next story: