Day 4: Swaggernauts

Now that we’ve learned more of what the Kickstarter contribution pattern has been like over the last three weeks, we can start giving more things away.

For example, anyone who contributes $20+ in the remaining 7 days gets a copy of the book after we go to print in August (applies to everyone that’s already given $20+ also). The last day to support this project will be April 30, so if you’ve been wanting to throw in any amount and haven’t, now’s the time. We can definitely do this with your help!

And tell your friends, por favor.

As for the update, we turned in a story today and we’re steady working on a second that’s due any day now. We’ll also have an update on a conference we’ve been invited to attend/speak at in Detroit this summer (more deets on all of those coming soon.)

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported us so far. It’s been an interesting and nerve-wracking three weeks—so, let’s see if we can do this thing.

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