Day 1: …10 days to go

This is the first of a 10-day blogathon for the final stretch of our Kickstarter campaign. Erik and I will be posting one update a day on our progress (including original artwork and notes) to round out the fundraiser for the publication of our first comics journalism book, which will include a set of journalistic short stories and illustrations from the last year.

Here’s a rough illustration (Page 2/Panel 1) from one of our upcoming stories. This is Darryl’s great uncle sitting in a home that his family has owned for the last five decades.

The story follows his uncle and Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on parallel lines starting in the late 1890s to the present day. It’s a little bit of Chicago history, a family trajectory and a first-hand account of one neighborhood that has undergone significant changes over the years.

We’ll post more info on the publication date as it comes. Thanks for reading!