Thanks, Mr. Weisman Award!


While we’ve been posting stories here and through other outlets over the last few months, the original idea for these comjourn stories was to document the city (of Chicago) through a combination of detailed reporting, art and illustrations–eventually to be published in a single volume, non-fiction comic book.

Since our first story in June 2011, we’ve been covering anything that piques our interest, meeting interesting people and using up black ink like other colors don’t exist.

And now…

Thanks to a funding grant from the Albert P. Weisman Award, we’ll be printing a compilation of graphic journalism stories later this year.

So, everyone gets a high five.

Here are a few things we know for sure:
1. It’s a non-fiction graphic novel
2. It’s journalism. (Everything in word ballons are actual quotes // All of those quotes were said by actual people.)
3. It’s genre-bending. (We aren’t the first people to do this sort of thing, but comics journalism as a genre unto itself is a relatively new medium.)
4. Words with pictures are better.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped and everyone who’s stopped by so far. We’ll be coming out with more comics, updates and blurbs in between now and the book launch.

Until then: balaenae nobis conservandae sunt.

Darryl & Erik (Twitter: @The_Ill_Press)