The Illustrated Press is an ongoing experiment in journalism and story art from Chicago, Ill—the product of narrative non-fiction stories told through first-hand reportage and finely tuned sequential art.


Our Team:

Darryl Holliday is a reporter, nonfiction writer and photographer with an interest new media, science (fiction) and urban American history. He’s written for literary publications and daily news outlets, but is currently a crime reporter and freelance journalist in Chicago, working on a “be nice” lifestyle, as seen on the side of a building once on the West Coast.

E. N. Rodriguez is an artist and graphic designer for Columbia College and has directed the art in various city publications, including R_Wurd, a youth journalism magazine. Erik has been drawing, literally, longer than he can remember.



Dorothy's bar, Painting by Dmitry Samarov

Dorothy’s bar, Painting by Dmitry Samarov